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The youth group I was a mentor for, the drama group, did a funny little skit called "the top 10 reasons Gays should not get married." One of them was a parody of the opinion of the Washington Supreme Court, stating that "gay and lesbian couples could be prevented from marrying by the state because Washington has a legitimate interest in preserving marriage for couples who can procreate." They did this by creating a brief skit about the "Procreation Police" who would revoke the marriages of couples who were infertile.

Now there's a fun example of life imitating art.

"Initiative 957, an initiative requiring all married couples to file “proof of procreation” within three years of a marriage, was filed by the Washington Defense of Marriage Alliance in response to a ruling made by the Washington Supreme Court last year... I-957 has been accepted by Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed.

 As you read this, keep in mind that they aren't really serious about this--but they are making a point. Kind of like some other friends of mine talked about getting divorced and re-married every six months--simply because they could, and to highlight the non-sanctity of marriage.

Equally amusing are the reactions to this, including this lovely quote:

"Marriage, as the union of one man and one woman, has historically served the human race well for more than 5000 years. Clearly there have been abuses of that standard. However, there is no case where alternatives to one man, one woman marriage have constructively served the common good."

Hmmm. 5000 years? More? Wow. Wonder where he gets HIS history from...the only people I know who have records going back accurately that long are the Chinese, and they had wives and concubines and such...

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